Sometimes the best material for my blogs just lands on my lap.  Last week I wrote that the happy campers emanating from the recent TARGET Pharmacies closures would be the Pharmacy Relief Companies who would seize on the opportunity to skew the supply/demand curve further in their favour. Well they did not disappoint me.  The flowing is an exact email from RPI Consulting to their “favorite” customers.  It speaks for itself.  Warning: it may make you ill.

“With Target closures mean we have a number of HOT pharmacists re-entering the job market in the very near future. Now, we were very particular about who we staffed in Target, individuals who were proactive in pumping out medschecks/reviews, had an extremely comprehensive knowledge of drugs and who were business minded with the intent of expanding the growth of the respective pharmacies we had them assigned to.

Now, to meet the needs of this upcoming influx of highly qualified pharmacists, we’re offering DISCOUNT RATES to our favorite clients who book with us between now and the end of the month.


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