The profession of pharmacy specifically, and the healthcare system in general, are rife with hypocrisy. There are many stakeholders who benefit from the status quo, and who continue to deny the challenges facing the system & the pharmacy profession. Beginning with Academia which fails to give students the full picture, to the regulatory bodies who remain timid in tackling regulatory transgressions by powerful stakeholders, to the pharmacy associations which largely represent the interests of big business. They all fail to face the reality that real change is critically & urgently required.

The profession of pharmacy is at a crossroads to a degree not witnessed before. Either it continues to sink further towards irrelevance, or it begins a process towards change which will ultimately result in the profession being put back into the hands of practicing pharmacists and out of the hands of Big Pharmacy Retail (BPR) interests.

This blog will continue to tackle these issues in a brutally frank manner, and will expose hypocrisy where it exists, and hopefully will act as an agent for change.




Bill is a long time senior executive/entrepreneur in the healthcare sector.   Recent focus has been in the pharmacy/medical clinic arena, specifically in Methadone Maintenance Treatment as an owner operator/developer of facilities in two Ontario cities.

In his past career Bill was involved in providing international business development services to Express Scripts Inc., the largest pharmacy benefits management company, (PBM), in the U.S.  Primary activities were in Eastern Europe, South America and Japan.

Bill has also held previous positions as President C.E.O. of Aetna Health Management Canada Inc. (AHM). AHM was created by Aetna Life in order to introduce managed care principles to the benefit of large Canadian corporations.

From 1990 to 1997 Bill was President C.E.O. of Columbia Health Care Inc. (CHC), a company he founded and expanded into the largest provider of private rehabilitation services with 33 clinics across Canada.

Further back in his career, Bill held the position of President C.E.O. of Medis Health and Pharmaceutical Inc., the largest pharmacy wholesaler in Canada which was subsequently acquired by the McKesson Corporation of California.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.  Bill also holds a current R.Ph. license designation, and is Methadone Certified.

Past Board Positions:  Aetna Health,  Medis Inc.,  Columbia Healthcare Inc.